The basis for our work is respect for human rights and recognition of the long-standing efforts of the women's and feminist movements to free women from violence and discrimination.

Partnership and Cooperation

In our work, we put emphasis on partnership and cooperation. We work with grantee partners, donor organizations, professionals and general public. At each point of building and cultivating a collaborative relationship, we strive for mutual empowerment. When doing so, we respect history, knowledge and skills as well as a value framework of every single partner with whom we step into collaboration. We see a cooperation as an exceptional opportunity for mutual learning.

Transparency and Accountability

When working together, we ensure that our roles and positions are communicated in a transparent way. We do our work with respect to the mission and the long-term goals we seek to achieve. We appreciate the experiences and values of women that we seek to support and positively influence. We take our responsibility for the commitments we make towards women.


Respect is a crucial part of everyday practice. To respect means to pay attention, empathy and deep understanding of the diverse identities, contexts and conditions that determine the lives of women. Therefore, we respect the diversity of opinions and diversity of the skills, experience and knowledge that women and women's rights organizations have. If we want to reduce the level of prejudices and to help understand who all women are, we are aware of how much is to cultivate and apply respect and recognition in everyday life.

Solidarity and Sisterhood

The commitment of the Slovak-Czech Women's Fund is to act as a part of the women's movement, in an collective effort to strengthen the voice, visibility and influence of women.

If we want to contribute to positive changes in the lives of women, we need to stand side by side in the solidarity with them as is expressed by sisterhood. Sisterhood is not just a declared sympathy for the lives of other women. It is the expression of a deep and shared commitment to change the situation of women, especially those of them who face exclusion and experience violence and discrimination.