Who we are

Resourcing women and women's rights!

We believe in power and strength of women!

Who we are

Slovak-Czech Women's Fund (SCWF) is the only local and independent women's fund in Slovakia and Czech Republic, established in 2004. Its mission is to support the activities of women - activists, women's groups, women's organizations and the feminist movement for peace, gender equality, human rights and the liberation of women from violence and any form of discrimination.

Our vision is the world in which women can fully enjoy their rights.

We want a world where women can be sure that their abilities, values, and dreams matter. We want a world in which women can live their lives in health, safety and according their own definitions.

Our goals

Our goal is to ensure the resources to support the promotion of women's rights.

Besides the grant making activity (the main activity), the Fund works as a fundraising agency and aims to cultivate and revive local and national philanthropy, responsible social engagement of individuals and corporations in order to promote a socially just society.

As a part of feminist and women's rights movements in both countries, SCWF partners and supports awareness raising efforts in the field of women's rights. Thanks to SCWF position within the movements, it serves as a platform builder and provides safe space for the women's rights organizations in both countries to meet, strategize and prepare common actions.

Slovak-Czech Women's Fund partners with its grantee partners in many awareness raising activities, campaigns and events. One of the awareness raising goals of the Fund is to introduce and promote the work of women's rights and LGBTIQ+ activists and organizations to the wider public and other sectors of the society.

Join us in our mission - together we can make a difference!

Feminist thinking teaches us all, especially, how to love justice and freedom in ways that foster and affirm life.

— bell hooks