What We Do

Our work is organized around these areas:

  • Grants
  • Programs
  • Projects.

Our main activity is to award grants to individuals, women's rights groups and organizations, in accordance with the Czech and Slovak legislation. Since the inception of the Fund in 2004, it had awarded more than 370 grants to women's rights and LGBTIQ+ organizations in our countries in the amount totaling over 1 440 000 USD. Grants are awarded on the basis of program areas of the Fund or other programs carried out by the Fund. We aim for a balanced division of resources between both countries.

Through grants, we are helping to develop an environment that is responsive to women's needs and their rights. Grants are organized according to program areas that guide and define the framework of our activities. The programs represent our strategic orientation reflecting the context in which women live and women's rights organizations operate.

Alongside to awarding grants, we also implement our own projects. We do so within our capacities or in partnership with various partners - especially, grantee partners, donors, supporters and external experts and professionals.

Finally, we make important information about various funding opportunities available to our grantees, and, if necessary, link them to other experts.