Types of Grants

General Support

Designed for general (institutional) support of organization. General support grants are usually intended to cover operational costs – salaries, communication and travels costs, renting a space, purchasing new technical equipment, or the costs related to the implementation of other projects requiring financial share (co-financing).

General support grants provide unrestricted funding to help organizations to sustain and/or grow.

Project Activities

Project activities grants are intended to support the implementation of specific activities of an organization, be educational activities and cultural events, research, provision of specialized services, testing methodologies and innovative practices, organizing community activities or campaigns.

Travel Grants

Travel grants are intended to cover travel expenses associated with attending major events - conferences, summer schools, seminars and workshops. These grants help individuals to foster their professional work and activism.

Rapid Response Grants

These are grants for groups and organizations that find themselves in a very unfavorable, difficult or unusual situation; or for organizations for which to raise funds from other donors is very demanding.

Ľudmila Čuchranová Stipends


This unique stipends program is intended to promote the participation of young female scientists excellent in the field of natural sciences and technical sciences in prestigious international conferences and symposia. Female students of doctoral studies in natural sciences, mathematics, computer sciences and other technical and natural sciences traditionally have a low representation of women.