With Pink to hit the Brown - Feminism against Fascism

Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund together with the women’s organization ASPEKT co-organized the feminist anti-fascist public reading titled „With Pink to hit the Brown“ to commemorate the International Women’s Day.

The International Women’s Day is a celebration of all efforts and activities of women’s rights and feminist movements to defend human rights and freedom. If not other days, at least this day we should remember women who were engaged in the fight for rights and freedom we see today as a truism.  However, the current situation shows us that the human rights are still not so obvious to many of us. Women's rights and freedoms are endangered by various movements and attitudes that are against diversity, freedom of choice, the freedom of expression of one's own personality. One of these movements is a fascism and various anti-gender campaigns.

On International Women’s Day, we in the Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund together with the women’s rights organization ASPEKT co-organized the antifascist public reading of the female writers titled as “With Pink to hit the Brown”.


Photo: The author of these photographs is Hana Fábry. The photographs are published with her permission.